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Question   Smokin Good
Pictures are looking good

- Martin Ashe February 24, 2009

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Question   Great bird photos

It was nice meeting you on the Serrano marsh trail today. Enjoyed your photo galleries, especially the Serrano El Dorado Hills one.


- Joe S February 24, 2009

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Question   Happy New Year - 2009
Fabulous Pictures - Keep them coming - Bret and I are really enjoyiing. Thanks for sharing

- Yvette / Bret Carpenter January 07, 2009

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Question   Hola
Hey there Terry..........cool pictures....why did you have to go and copyright all of them so I can't save them?..urgh. Anyways, very good job.....

- Kirsten Korpela November 26, 2008

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Question   website
Dang I wanted to be the first in our family to have a website. Good Job!

- Gary Korpela November 01, 2008

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Question   Welcome to the site.
Hi Terry. Congratulations on a beautifully done website. It's already in my "favorites."

- Melanie Trout October 31, 2008

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