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Question   Met you at the Yolo Bypass
Hi Terry, Janice Clark here, I met you at the Yolo Bypass and it was your mom's birthday and you and your brother took her out birdwatching. I was photographing the Cooper's Hawk which turned out great. Your photography is amazing and made me smile. Thank you for sharing them!

- Janice Clark January 10, 2011

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Question   Great photos
Beautiful photographs Terry. I love the feathered friends of the sky. Anyway just sending out another note as the first one I posted did not seem to post.

Enjoyed the chat this evening and wish you the best. Take care and aloha from the Kona side of the volcano in the middle of the Pacific.

- Dominic Shewcraft October 27, 2010

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Question   se lion
Hi terry.. how are you is me bomm from Thai Orchid, So I'am very like picture of sea lion :) thanks you for show me the all nice picture....

- kitts (bomm) hausman August 17, 2010

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Question   Photos
Wow...you've been to some beautiful places. I especially LOVED the shot titled Anna's Hummingbird! Amazing! I also thought the pic of the snow on my mom's chaise lounges was fun...quite a contradiction of terms. Keep 'em coming!

- Ashleigh Flagerman May 03, 2010

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Question   Great work
I'm sooo jealous! This is fantastic>

- Don Terra April 11, 2010

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Question   pics
great pics terry, wish I could be able to do that

- stephinah Nyelesi September 16, 2009

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Question   Victoria Butterfly Gardens
I thought I would check out your site after chatting with you at my work and I love your photos! Are you putting up any shots of Victoria Butterfly Gardens soon? It would be awesome to see what you shot while you were visiting. You have a real talent!

- Chelan D May 05, 2009

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Question   Serrano birds & BEAVER!?
From one Finn to another...WAY COOL PICS DUDE! How did you catch that (criminal?), the beaver???

- Paivi Kangas March 21, 2009

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Question   Smokin Good
Pictures are looking good

- Martin Ashe February 24, 2009

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Question   Great bird photos

It was nice meeting you on the Serrano marsh trail today. Enjoyed your photo galleries, especially the Serrano El Dorado Hills one.


- Joe S February 24, 2009

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Question   Happy New Year - 2009
Fabulous Pictures - Keep them coming - Bret and I are really enjoyiing. Thanks for sharing

- Yvette / Bret Carpenter January 07, 2009

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Question   Hola
Hey there Terry..........cool pictures....why did you have to go and copyright all of them so I can't save them?..urgh. Anyways, very good job.....

- Kirsten Korpela November 26, 2008

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Question   website
Dang I wanted to be the first in our family to have a website. Good Job!

- Gary Korpela November 01, 2008

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Question   Welcome to the site.
Hi Terry. Congratulations on a beautifully done website. It's already in my "favorites."

- Melanie Trout October 31, 2008

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